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Although this is a site mostly about fantasy and science fiction, it isn't the blog of the Jo Walton who wrote Farthing, Tooth & ClawAmong Others, My Real Children, The Just City, and many other things. (That Jo has a website, keeps a LiveJournal, blogs on & tweets as @BluejoWalton).

This Jo (@jolwalton) goes by Jo L. Walton or Jo Lindsay Walton, or sometimes Jow Walton or Jow Lindsay Walton, or just the Other Jo Walton. Below there's a list of things I'm to blame for. If it's not on the list, it's probably not by me!

Invocation, a very long paranormal romance.
Marta and the Demons, a very short near future sf novel.

Short fiction
The Internet of Things Your Mother Never Told You (Twelve Tomorrows)
It's Okay to Say if You Went Back in Time and Killed Baby Hitler (Up & Coming / Medium)

Economic Science Fiction and Fantasy database
A growing resource. Soon to be post-scarce, probably. Feel free to suggest new entries, or to send me things for inclusion (including excerpts, reprints). More on economics in SF and fantasy by women would be especially welcome. There's a formal call here, but if in doubt, just go ahead & send it!

The Sputniks Awards are also a bit of an experiment, and we'd love to hear your thoughts about fandom and literary awards in general.

Newb Maps of Hell Vol. I (Kindle only: UK / US).
On this blog: reviewsexecutive summarynew genre Wednesdayshypothesis ThursdaysMonday's child (the last one all about names in F&SF).
Most of my SF reviews are for Interzone.

Sad Press Games
Some small, slightly experimental tabletop RPGs can all be had for free or pittances at Sad Press Games.

Sad Press Poetry
Sad Press is the small press I run with Samantha Walton. Sad Press and Joe Luna's Hi Zero also publish the online poetry reviews journal Hix Eros (always looking for new reviewers: get in touch!). And I used to write poetry & other things under pseudonyms which are mostly open secrets.

Organizational & Misc.
Sam and I are administering the new Sputnik Awards for speculative fiction. Syndicate Series was us too (with Lila Matsumoto). I run the Economic Humanities blog. My older poetry blogs were called Everyone's Cup of Tea.

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If you want to get in touch, I'm on Twitter as @jolwalton, or go to gmail and ask for josephclwalton. & sort of on Tumblr & very much on Patreon. & actually technically have an Instagram & a Vine which I should really get more into, but.

Blogs blogs blogs blogs. Here's the "about" post I wrote when I started this blog, back when it was still called The Lorraine Concern. Things haven't really worked out the way I planned. Some important stuff to think about now:

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